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About Knight Painting: A Knight painting is a kind of painting painted with fine oil material on canvas. Knight is the English term for a social position originating in the Middle Ages. In the Commonwealth of Nations, knighthood is a non-heritable form of gentry. The process of training for knighthood began before adolescence, inside the prospective knight's home, where he learned courtesy and manners. A knight was usually the son of a vassal. Around the age of 7 to 8 years, he would be sent away to train and serve at a grander household as a page (this was so his mother or sisters would not spoil him). Here, he would serve as a kind of waiter and personal servant to his elders. For at least seven years a page was cared for by the women of the house, who instructed him in manners, courtesy, cleanliness, and religion. Several methods were used to become a knight. Various kinds of Knight paintings on this page for sale, and more Knight painting is available too.

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