Don Li-Leger Paintings

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Leaf Lines I
42 Views of my Garden
Himalayan memory
Hollyhock Garden
Into the Light
Iris Nine Patch I
Iris Nine Patch II
Iris Quilt
Iris Sunrise
Garden Notes
Garden Gateway
Leaf Lines II
Leaf Lines III
Manhattan Garden
Modern Bamboo I
Modern Bamboo II
Mystic Journey
Niki's Spa
Nine Patch Canvas Art - Set
Nine Patch Canvas Art
Joie de Vie (Joy of Life)
Dancing in the Wind
After the Spa
Along the Garden Wall
Artist's Garden
Bamboo Concerto III
Bamboo Division
Bamboo Garden
Bamboo Nine Patch II
Bamboo Nine Patch
High and Mighty
Citrus Garden
Ocean Voyage
East Meets West II
Elegance I
Elegance II
Exotic Journey
Ferns & Grasses
Garden Dance I
Garden Dance II
Garden Delights I
Garden Delights II
Garden Delights III
Garden Ensemble
Blossom Tapestry I
Terrazzo Garden
Spa Dreams
Spa Inspirations I
Spa Inspirations II
Spa Inspirations III
Spa Inspirations IV
Spring Chorus
String Theory
Summer Bloom
Tapestry_ Iris Nine Patch I (i)
Tapestry_ Summer Bloom
Northern Reflections - Loons
Terra Cotta Garden
The Heavenly Art of Gardening
Tranquil Garden
Tropical Nine Patch II
Tropical Nine Patch
Watching and Waiting
Water Garden I
Water Garden II
Weatherprint_ Garden Dance I
Weatherprint_ Orchid Lines I
Weatherprint_ Passage to India
Tapestry_ Tropical Nine Patch (iii)
Persimmons l
Weatherprint_ Rainforest Poppies
Orchid Lines I
Orchid Lines II
Orchid Nine Patch
Oriental Blossoms I
Oriental Blossoms II
Oriental Blossoms III
Oriental Diary
Oriental Journey II
Painter's Garden I
Passage to India
Persimmons ll
Poet's Cause(1)
Poet's Cause
Poet's Passage
Pompeii Patterns
Poppy Dance
Poppy Nine Patch
Poppy Tile I
Poppy Tile II
Rainforest Poppies
Painter's Garden II
Don Li-Leger

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